Monday, October 25, 2010

Pancakes and Omelettes

With Halloween approaching, candy is a necessity not only on the 31st, but throughout the month of October for Immediate Info.  However, this October we are experiencing another kind of sweets as well - the delicious food of the Original Pancake House.  The McDermott family who owns the two Original Pancake House locations in Fishers and on the north side of Indy, are opening a third location at 146th St. and Gray Rd. in the Carmel/Westfield area.  Along with the new store, they are adding a new feature to the entrance area - a large television to showcase a looping video of the delicious eats of the restaurant.

This looks to be a particularly fun project, as after the first shoot it has become apparent that I will not be leaving the restaurant without something delicious (like strawberry waffles or chocolate-chip pancakes) in my belly.  The video is expected to be about 30 minutes long, looping, and contain close-ups of various menu items, demonstrations of how dishes are made in the kitchen, interviews with the managers, testimonials from customers, and more.  30-minutes is too long to post to our YouTube page, so when this is complete you will have to go to the restaurant to see the video... And to eat some delicious food!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello October

You know Autumn is officially here when you see the Halloween candy available at the stores.  Unfortunately, this doesn't mean much in the world of video production, but personally, it is a wonderful thing to have bite-size candies abounding.

The end of September found the completion of our largest project to-date for Urology of Indiana.  Their 3rd video with us was for their biggest procedure - Da Vinci Prostatectomy.  This video was shot at various locations all around Indianapolis, and included interviews with 9 doctors, as well as one patient.  Needless to say, it was also a deal of work in the editing room, but the whole video came together nicely to explain the procedure and U of I's involvement with it for the past 5 years.  You can find this video at in their Robotic Prostatectomy section.

This video proved interesting because not only is there important information to get across to a viewer, but we also had to balance screen time for the different doctors while editing, to ensure that everyone was treated fairly.  This type of video work can be tough since not everyone interviewed explains things the same way, or totally fit as much of what they said as well as some one else.  This was an example of a video where editing WITH the customer in the room was helpful.  Most times, it is easier to just edit a rough cut and swap notes, rather than have someone looking over your shoulder.  Here however, there are so many moving pieces that it worked very well to go against our normal process.