Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jazz Hands!

The month of February brings thoughts of love and sentiment for most, but for Immediate Info it means sequins and sparkle!  This month we are working on a high-end fashion runway video for a company called Rivar's.  Rivar's specializes in custom garment and apparel creation for all types of show choirs, glee clubs, theatre performances, etc.  They operate out of Muncie and Indianapolis, and have recruited Immediate Info for their web video needs.

The goal of this video is to be an integral part of their 2011 catalog release, as the "viral video" that can boost interest in the catalog before it is even available.  So, to go about creating this specific corporate video, we first met with Rivar's promotion team and owner Beth Slusher to discuss their needs.  After a few brainstorming and planning meetings to ensure that we could accurately create a runway/fashion show video to supplement their catalog, we then needed to pick a location.  We settled upon the Indianapolis Arts Garden downtown, where their even staff helped create a magnificent catwalk setup for the shoot.

With three cameramen and over 200 garments to shoot, it was a full-day operation to capture as many pretty shots from as many unique angles as possible.  Upon finishing the shoot, there was over 8 hours of footage that needed to be sorted through to complete a 3 minute video!  Needless to say, we went exclusively for the best of the best shots, and included as much variety as possible in the final product.

The resulting video is one that we at Immediate Info are immensely proud of, and hope Rivar's can make the most of with their 2011 catalog campaign! Visit www.rivars.com for more information about their products.