Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DOC Editing

December brings so many things to people around the world, and for Immediate Info, that has held true in the form of a very cool project.  Calamari Productions (see Vimeo page)has been creating documentaries in the areas of child welfare and juvenile justice for over 12 years, and have recently been commissioned by the Indiana Department of Correction to create a new training DVD.  Utilizing old content from inside state juvenile facilities, courtrooms, etc., Calamari is creating a video to train new and current staff for better practices in dealing with sexual misconduct at these state facilities.

Immediate Info, a partner with Calamari for three years, is handling the editing of the DVD.  We have also handled shooting some new materials for the DVD, including interviews with case workers, experts in juvenile sexual development, internal affairs officers, and others.  Editing for this type of content can be tricky, and very sensitive, as the impact of such a video is very important.  The correct content and assets must best be used in such a way that they communicate a clear message to viewers in need of training.  Calamari Productions owner Karen Grau is scripting the video, under the guidance of Michael Dempsey, Executive Director of Youth Services for the DOC.

This project should take a couple months to complete, because the information involved needs to be so specific.  Immediate Info is honored to work again with Calamari, and we enjoy knowing that the work we do can have such an impact.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Video Production from Indy to Rushville

This weekend brought about the unavoidable fact that Christmas is upon us.  Be sure to get your lights on the house, tree in the living room, and shopping done as soon as possible.  And, if you have the means, do not forget about local and national charities who can all use the help in this season of giving.

Immediate Info was a part of their first Christmas event of the season, taping the Fraley & Schilling annual Safety and Awards Banquet in Rushville, IN.  Fraley & Schilling is a trucking company, and the show was run by VP Chip West, who managed to get former administrator of the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)John Hill as their keynote speaker.  It was yet another example of how being behind the camera allowed me to see a different side of everyday business, hearing Mr. Hill speak about upcoming regulations in the trucking industry.

After the presentation, which was the focal point of the shoot, Chip invited me to stay for a catered lunch and holiday cheer.  It was a fun day, and the video was captured and put on DVD very quickly so that Chip could have it by Wednesday for a conference he is attending.  This is an example of how Immediate Info is truly capable of handling our video production customers' needs to ensure that we can take care of them with a little extra effort (like working on Sundays... during football!).