Thursday, May 19, 2011

Department of Child Services

Continuing our longstanding relationship with Indianapolis-based Calamari Productions, Immediate Info has again had a very cool opportunity to work on video content that can truly make a difference.  This month it is shooting and editing a new job orientation video for the Indiana Department of Child Services.  The goal of this DVD is to give newly hired caseworkers and idea of what to expect before they start the job, and to hopefully retain more caseworkers for longer careers with the department.

So, we started by interviewing caseworkers, supervisors, office directors, and judges from a variety of counties in Indiana.  The goal was to capture thoughts from a variety of demographics for the video - rural, urban, and metro.  The video covers a variety of topics, including the Child Abuse Hotline call center, how to handle all of the paperwork, dealing with families during assessment, how to handle an emergency child removal, how to prepare for court, and how to handle the difficulty of such an emotionally draining job. 

The benefit of working with Calamari Productions on such a video production is the ability to utilize their vast video content library for real-world examples of all of the topics above.  The most disturbing of the footage included in this DVD were real pictures that social workers in Marion County took of a "dirty home."  Words cannot describe the filth and disgust which is shown in these pictures, however it is a necessary part of showing new caseworkers the very real homes they could walk into.

Unfortunately, due to the private nature of the content, we cannot show this video online, but for more information about Calamari Productions and The Indiana Department of Child Services, please visit their websites shown below: